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Medical Science has proven without doubt that proper metabolism takes place only in a human body in which properly balanced blood circulation is maintained.

Manly Horse is a Healthcare Product that helps to maintain good health by improving the circulation of blood by removing the toxins accumulated in it.

Main Ingredients of Malaysian Manly Horse Natural Herb Coffee consists of medicinal valuable parts of three special herbs namely Tongath ali, Maca and Organic Guarana which are blended with a bit of Instant Coffee, Non-Dairy Creamer and Sugar.

Organic Guarana is usually found in Amazon Rain Forests. It is named for the Guarani tribe in the Amazon, who used its seeds to brew a drink. Today, guarana seeds are still used as medicine. Guarana contains caffeine. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, and muscles. Guarana also contains theophylline and theobromine, which are chemicals similar to caffeine.

Due to its anti-oxidant properties removes toxin from our cells .

Regulates body metabolism.


Acts as an Energy booster.

Natural Source of Energy.

Aids in Weight Loss.

Natural Remedy for Stress.

Better Mental Health.

Better Digestive System.

Good for Cardiovascular System.

Natural Antidote for Menstrual Problems.

As a Natural aphrodisiac or love drug it increases libido when consumed.

Tongath Ali is commonly known as Malysian Ginseng which is also known as an anti-aging agent of Man. Tongkat Ali is an herb which grows predominantly in the jungles of certain South East Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It has several other local names including Pasak Bumi and Tung Saw and is also known by some people as herbal viagra because of its well-known abilities to improve sexual dysfunction. Otherwise known as Longjack or by its scientific name Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat Ali has been used for many years especially for its aphrodisiac and energy boosting qualities. It has qualities that can help both men and women.

Improves Blood Circulation.

High anti-oxidant qualities.

Increases testosterone levels.

Improve sperm quality and therefore help treat male fertility issues.

Tongkat Ali is probably best-known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Hhelp you to lose fat and gain lean body mass.

Tongkat Ali can fight against osteoporosis and help maintain bone strength and health.

Tongkat Ali manages hormonal imbalances in women and deal with problems like fatigue and mental lethargy.

Tongkat Ali is an effective remedy against modern day stress issues

Tongkat Ali help balance the hormones with the ability to increase energy levels and metabolism.

The increase in energy that you get from this root can help you get through the busy day and may also help improve endurance and exercise performance. This will improve mood.

Maca , also known as Lepidium Meyenii, is an annual plant that is cultivated in the Peruvian central highlands. The edible root, which resembles a radish, is a staple food for the local population.
Maca has been highly revered for over 2,000 years in Peru. According to legend, the Incan warriors ate Maca for strength and endurance before going to battle. The Spanish Conquistadors called it the “sex herb of the Incas.” Today it is known as “Peruvian Ginseng”. Women in South America have also used Maca for thousands of years to help maintain their stamina and handle stress. Peruvian women begin using Maca at age 3, and remain strong, fertile and productive, well into their later life.

Improves all functions of Brain.

Stimulates the functions of Pancreas.

Boosts Energy.

Relieves Stress.

Improves the functions of Endocrine System.

Improves Blood Circulation.

Modern studies suggest that Maca may promote libido, sexual potency and energy.
Maca may increase a woman’s libido, and should be taken daily for best results.


Toxins in our body are pushed out through urine, stool, sweat, sputum, running nose, etc. and simultaneously necessary anti-oxidants are supplied in abundance which protect the cleansed cells so that the total bodily functions get regulated which boosts our immunity .By regulating the blood circulation all our cells receive enough oxygen, water & nutrients for maintaining proper health.

Main Benefits highly noticed while using Manly Horse are as follows:

Improves blood circulation.

Visible reduction in tiredness of those with high blood sugar levels.

Helps to stay young (Anti aging).

Boosts Energy levels and Increases Stamina.

Enhances Sexual Performance.


1/4 of a Sachet once daily for the first week with luke warm water. Second week onwards 1/2 a Sachet once daily .


Those aged below 20, Pregnant & Breast Feeding Women must not use Manly Horse. Also High Blood Pressure/Heart/Kidney/Liver /Prostrate/Breast Cancer Patients undergoing medical treatment, those allergic towards Milk & Coffee must not use Manly Horse before regaining normal health. Very few first time users experience mild headache, cold, etc. for 2 to 4 days. Must drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily while taking Manly Horse which supports to clean blood stream. No diet controls recommended. Better to avoid/minimise the usage of tobacco, alcohol, pan masala, etc. No adverse effects recorded. Eating fruits may bring quick & better results.

Can feel visible changes in coming weeks.


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